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We provide assistance for motor-vehicle accidents; slip and fall; or on-the-job injuries among other accident claims.

For a very long time, some Jamaicans have been ignorant to their rights or they do not have enough money to pursue a legal matter. Therefore, it is our main purpose to bridge that gap by providing legal financing and helping them in the process of making a claim.

A “Complete” Support Service, we assist injured claimants in the step by step process of making a claim; processing all information; applying for and making advance payments for reports among other services.

No upfront fee is required to receive financing and our clients repay only if an award is made. Personal injury can be devastating physically, emotionally and financially. Motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall are the leading cause of personal injuries. When an injury occurs, one has to think about: hospital or doctor bills; lose of earnings as well as the inability to carry out normal everyday activities.

When you contact us you will be able to find out if you can receive compensation for your injury. Please ensure that you seek professional assistance early to make sure your rights are protected.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle accidents occur daily and filing a claim can be frustrating. Being injured is bad enough, but if you’re unable to work or continue your usual daily activities, life becomes that much harder.

Do not be unsure about what action to take, come in and speak to one of our representatives about being compensated for your suffering. We understand that money does not heal all wounds but it will give some closure and financing for any on-going medical bills. At Complete Accident Support…We Support Your Claim!

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Medical Negligence

Received further harm after seeking medical advice or a medical procedure? Call or visit us today to discuss your claim. We usually trust that after seeing a medical practitioner, our health is in good hands. However, this is not always the case.

Whether due to inadequate facilities; incompetency; unhealthy surroundings or poor work habits; our health situation deteriorates. As the bills pile up, people often feel pressure to settle their cases early for less than the fair value. Complete Accident Support gives you and your attorney breathing room, so you’re not forced to take the defendant’s first offer.

We also help by getting your medical report in a timely manner. Need additional tests? Discuss with us. We take the hassle out of the process. We provide… Complete Accident Support.

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Injured on the Job?

Had an accident at work resulting in an injury? You may have a claim. Workplace injuries are often caused by unsafe Occupational Health and Safety practices by employers; lack of proper personal protective equipment or little to no training for employees.

Whether is it as severe as death, falling and breaking a body part or aches and pains due to working conditions, you may have a claim. Additionally, time off from work can mean loss of income, and an injury can mean that you are unable to complete your usual daily activities, thus affecting your way of life. Come in and talk to us, let us see if you have a claim. At Complete Accident Support…We support your claim.

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Slip and Fall

Slip, trip or fell and received an injury? You may have a claim. Did you know that even if an organisation erects a caution sign, they are liable for any injury which may occur on their compound?

Wet floors, unsafe stairs, slippery areas are all common places for slip, trip and fall accidents to occur.
Come in and speak to one of our representatives. Complete Accident Support… We Support Your Claim.

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Other Claims

Whether it is Assault, Burns, or types of Malpractice. Complete Accident Support will review your claim in a legal matter.

Legal Finance

Have a legal case and need funds to pursue it, contact us and let us help you. There are times when your court case may hit a snag as you are unable to pay your attorney or get reports which need to be paid for.

We can assist. We will review your case and meet with your legal team, or if necessary, recommend our highly trained professionals to complete your claim. We competitive interest rates and we only get paid, if you get paid.

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Process Serving

Have legal documents to deliver? Our trained and competent associates will deliver them for you. Our rates are comparative and our service professional. Call us today!

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